Photo by Neil Shea



Taylor Hom is a chinese-american documentary film producer / writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She has written and produced documentaries and branded content for clients and media outlets such as National Geographic, NYTimes, PBS, CNN, CBS, ITVS, Google, Rolex, and GMC. Her work focuses on topics of social justice and women’s issues, and she has filmed around the world, across the Middle East and Africa. She is a 2017 recipient of Impact Partner's Producing Fellowship.  A graduate of New York University’s honors program, she studied journalism, political economy, and Arabic.

Taylor is currently working on an investigative documentary series in the South, as well as a 3-part National Geographic series about wolves in the high arctic.

Taylor lives in Brooklyn, NY with her partner, Neil Shea, a writer, and their son Remy. 

tel: +1 518 527 0386